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Monday, February 17, 2014

Yer... why like that one

Ugh. The art world is sometimes weird. Sorry about the title, wasn't thinking one that fits this. Stuffs that we learn in class can be quite peculiar and odd. I knew days like these would come. And often I'm afraid, because what we take in can very much influence what comes out from us too- in whatever form, writings, paintings, drawings, words, thinkings, etc.

For example, images are very powerful, especially for people like me whose learning language are through vision. The books that we were assigned to read, films that we watch, and pictures that were projected in class (but thank God our scoring projects aren't anywhere near to weirdness yet[for me], for now) will stay and sit on the brain for some time. It's not like there's a choice to pick, because it's part of the syllabus. It's not like learning Biology anymore- straight forwardness about frogs and how their lungs function. Often, arts have to do with the human imaginations and I really do not like how I'm supposed to internalize some of them so that I can do my homework.

Sometimes I doubt at the visions I have whether are they from God or not anymore because I might have mixed them up together somewhere, or not.

No matter how much I filter those images, and set my intentions right when I take them in (all for the sake of homework), I wish that all those artsy studies will go by real quickly. I just wanna' score music for motion pictures !

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