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Saturday, February 1, 2014

That Piece of Chunk

A writer cannot write unless one has the foundation of alphabets, then words, then grammars and sentences, to phrases and to the powerful use of vocabularies and then comes the birth of his writing style.

Same thing goes for the composers- To write a good piece of music, first know the names of the notes, countings, then the grammars which includes intervals, harmony, etc. to sketching out simple melody lines, then a beautiful phrase and adding in the harmonics (also known as chords), and finally creating a whole piece of music that comes from our own.

That's a whole lot of process !
And it takes time !!
It can be long, and some can be short.
Saying this as to produce a good piece.

Berklee is just literally feeding us (non-stop!) the informations and it's for us to digest them as efficiently and effectively as possible. That's a lott to learn, now that I see it. Time management. Veh important. It felt like fishes were falling from the sky into my boat and I really have to get started working to sort em' out.
Hope to have that kind of break from school a little while to actually absorb properly the chunks of knowledge given, according to my learning speed. At the end of it, rushing into this career isn't my goal unless the knowledge has properly absorbed well first. We also need to keep up with the technologies and know how to use them! That's... another thing to keep in mind of. Practicing piano becomes the least focus already, but it's still needed because we're musicians. Oh dear.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Even if it involves the great time pressure. But God is mightier than the time pressure.
Loving this field. Crazy though.

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