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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Soundtracks that moved the inside of me

Honestly, Harry Potter's soundtracks are so darn good !
Well done, John Williams ! I've always love your works.

It was the soundtracks who made the movie magical, fun and believable.
If it wasn't for the music that have enhanced Harry Potter, it may not be as successful as it is.

One of my favorites is the "Reunion of Friends" in Chamber of Secrets. That is one very emotional moment for me. I will cry every time I listen to that, at the age of like 8-9 and even now, 21. It reminds me of the hard times Harry went through together with his friends, and now that he has all his best friends with him at the dining hall, he is one happy kid. That reminds me of all the friends that I had too growing up. We viewed the score in class, personally given by John Williams the composer some time ago, how awesome ! Think about that, when we were kids growing up watching these movies, they made us believed them for some time and when I was pretty engrossed with it, I actually joined a competition to see if I can win tickets for me and my sis to meet Daniel Radcliffe and get the Hogwarts tour, unbelievable! Now that I get to read the scores in class, it was actually the music that worked in me.

There's a project coming up for us to score a short mysterious Library Train to encourage young kids to read. It should be scored lightly something like Harry Potter. JW, you have set the standard high ! Tapao everyone. Love your work, as always.

PS: Yes I'm very aware of the whole movie thing that the christians are against it. The scores for HP are still simply amazing though ! Can learn so much from it. JW has put in lots of feelings when he writes.

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