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Monday, February 17, 2014

Awesome people out there

Tonight, I just want more friends. I wish I could have known more people so that we can become friends. To meet other inspiring people from different field besides music and arts. I wanna' meet business men and women, doctors, lawyers, politicians, dentists, teachers, accountants and many more to see what are they up to with their lives, how are they using their gifts like me and my musician brothers and sisters in Christ to serve God and how they walk their lives in faith, in love and in sincerity. Right now, I'm in the Berklee bubble. Wonder how can I get out of it sometimes just to have some air.

3 Full-Time semesters back to back. Maybe that's why. No wonder.


- yuha.jr - said...

Engineers you dowan? :(

Daphne said...

Definitely ! :P Even the fishmongers ! :D