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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's in the inside?

The intentions for doing something is no doubt one of the things in life that can either bring us a step closer to what God has set for us or the other way round- away from the good events He has reserved for us. Intentions of doing something can affect the roads we're traveling on. We have our own choices to choose from- Yes to God (even though I don't know what, where, when, who, and HOW??) or Nope I'm good, I can handle thiz myzelf... heh (and then cry).

What we do, feel, think and say, make sure our intentions are of noble ones, pure, holy (yes), purposeful, honoring and edifying to God and into building His Kingdom. This could be a catalyst for us into moving towards awesome plans of our lives from the creator HImself which He meant good for us to be successful, healthy, having that peace and joy in the midst of craziness going on, grateful, and all of those achievements in life because we are his children. We are not meant to live in a rut as goody-goody, poor and religious Christians because our God is too awesome for that. He's not a God in a box, nor the god who lives in a hut or having a roof over his head. He's an active God, alive one, and real.

Of course, if we ever make a mistake/ a BUNCH of mistakes leftrightcenterupdown because we are limited, but God is greater than the heart. I used to think that it may have slowed things down and the delay of time for me to hit that achievement-woohoo button.

Wait! Comee backkk !!

BUT (yes there's a but here) God is greater than the heart. He can route the whole thing again. I'm sure he has factored in and taken into consideration of all our mistakes and has mapped the plans out already. I don't know how he works but He works things out beyond my understanding and imagination and I can throw away my papers of strategies. (But I do show him what strategies I come out with, just in case it does click with him and I can feel a little smarter about it. Teehee.)

Actually, timing is one of the factors too. It may not be my time yet to ride on that boat. That boat may not be for me.

Also, intentions also reflects our hearts and who we really are.

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