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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Good Break

School is starting this week !! Tuesday!
Back to school, back to packing stuffs and meeting new and fantastic musicians from all over the places!

That spontaneous trip to Connecticut was a gift of having that feeling, HOME. Definitely, it was a good recharged in that less than 2-day thing, it felt like one refreshing moment for me to go on the rest of my stay here. (Pictures are in my Instagram and FB.)

Berklee has this new 160 dorm and it doesn't even look like a dorm ! It's a hotel for students. They even have a PH on the highest floor whattt in the world ??!?

The cafeteria is super canggih with a light wooden stage for students to perform. The hall was (I bet) designed to have that acoustic environment customized for shows to take place. Amahhhzing.

Looking forward to new things this semester. Are you too?
:) I think, this semester is going to be a Round 2, Level 2 in my game. Praying for capacity to increase and expand to absorb and learn more new things. It's a continuity from last year, like a series, the next episode.

Lots of things to do. Plan things with the Big Boss! This is important. Life is interesting- interestingly challenging.

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