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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back to the Cold Place

Few things that actually I myself am amazed at myself. Yez, I'm definitely into politics. Whenever someone talks about it, I see myself jumping into the conversation and tuning into that frequency. Probably it came from my legalistic family and what Malaysia is going through and had gone through. And also from all the camps attended praying for our country. AND I was at it at the GE 13 when it all happened ! So how can I not feel it? Fascinated at how some can manipulate and how some are being manipulated. It's a skill.

Then, I found my favorite spot. After 20 years of life and this is what I was looking for. That special place being high up after a jump on a trampoline, in the middle of the air. That is where I find myself free from everything, knowing that when I get down, there is still something to catch me. That jump, it feels great to be free in the air. Skyzone in Miami had been a moment for me.

On a vacation, I'm definitely going for food, then scenery and things to do on second, then shopping at last.

Also, patience isn't a problem for me. But if it's really on my nerve on something, it ain't going to be pretty. Eheh, justsaying. That'll happen like what, 1 out of 10. And now, I just feel like giving that person a piece of me for real.

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