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Sunday, January 12, 2014


It looks like I'm going on a little back packing trip to Connecticut this week, on a very last minute, spontaneous ones. Guess what?
To see my very inspiring pastors from HIS Church !! Ahhhh so excited :DD

Backpacking ALONE !! The Daphne I knew was a scaredy cat. Nobody believes that I'm gonna do thiz. I myself either, but yes, it's going to be a trip.

Though the pricey tickets, but there's the peace in the heart after purchasing them. And my parents are totally fine with it. What actually amazed me is that they actually gave me the freedom to make my own decision, and always refer me to pray before I do this this this and that. Parents, dear mama and papa I love you I reallyy duuu. Little did I know how all these little little things are affecting and teaching me in a way. Thank You, for doing all of these that help me learn what and how to make the decisions in life. The HS is also very kind and helpful when it comes to this :)

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