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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break

First break ever without the need to travel! Pretty happy about it. Managed to catch up some sleep vacation.
Maybe I've missed out going to New York or Maine or the Niagara Falls this time like all my friends where they are right now. Hopefully there'll come a time I'll travel with my friends again and that would be an amazing fun time without having assignments at the back of my head, screaming.

Basically, most of the film scoring majors are that stressed up because our major demands a lot from us (whadid I got myself into, trust God hah!). Now that I know it's normal for us to feel that way. sometimes wanting to just float in air, but the hard work we put in now will eventually pay off. Toil now better than later.

There's plenty of comfort food around. But nothing beats that comfort 'food' from the Bible. The story of Joseph will always be that torchlight for me. So here're some pictures from my Instagram and FB.

We're about to walk on thin ice- it's a pond!

Texas and Korean friends on the way to Haymarket

Boston Common

One of HIS Church members visited Boston.
It was heart warming.
I promised I walked away LOLOL

Champions at JW Marriot

Our dinner was on a friend :)

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