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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Searching for Inspiration, taking a step forward

Okay. So here's the deal. I'm going to stop blogging until I'm inspired again by God in my writings and music. May also close down this blog and move on with life. I don't actually know yet what to move on from. It's just this whole weird transition of entering the young adulthood, that I wanna start living like one and leave behind the teenage, high school stuffs in here. This blog has been existed since I was 15 years old in secondary school. Please know that I rarely update my Facebook, closing down my blog, already stopped Twittering and will try to update my Instagram.

Till then, I'm in search of new and fresh words to use, fresh insights about life, music and writings, and also arts, whatever it is. The States is a wonderful place to explore and since I'm here, I'm letting myself go and be free.

Goodbye Live.Laugh.Learn.Love. and everyone:)
If I found a new blog to write and pen down stuffs about my new journey, I'll make sure to post the link here. Keep updated, I hope, all you faithful readers who put up with me all these years. I love you.

Keep me in prayers as I walk with God through this transition in life.

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